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Details of Workplace & Facilities Expo 2020 (incl FM Ireland) Announced

Workplace & Facilities Expo

Event: Workplace & Facilities Expo (inc FM Ireland) 2020

Date: 3 – 4 March 2020

Location: RDS, Dublin

– Ireland’s largest Workplace and Facilities Management event

Who should attend?

The name Workplace & Facilities Expo 2020 (incorporating FM Ireland) reflects changing demands on businesses not only to provide functioning and effective facilities but ones that enhance the employee experience, improve wellbeing, increase staff loyalty and reduce staff turnover.

Given the growing demand within the construction sector, it is even more important to find the right employee and create an environment which ensures loyalty and reduces sickness and staff turnover.

Managers have become more aware that it is not just the pay package that secures an employee’s productivity and loyalty, it the culture of the organisation. One which recognises their needs, stresses and lifestyle can make the difference in attracting and keeping good, motivated and healthy employees.

Changing Work Environment

In this new era, rather than operating standalone departmental silos, organisations will have to create Cross-Functional Teams involving Senior Management responsible for various functions such as FM, HR, and IT for them to come together to create and deliver the workplace and facilities needed.

Facilitating this is the development of technology, which is allowing organisations to adopt different work practices that enhance the employee experience. Whether that is through the adoption of Remote Working or Flexible Working.

Green Agenda & Sustainability

The Green Agenda & Sustainability, whether in reducing energy use through the adoption of more energy-efficient products, Smart Buildings, Energy Management. Or by reducing the amount of unnecessary travel through Flexible working, increased use of Conference calls and the ability to log into the company’s shared drives and facilitating remote working.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing is high on the agenda… As work is becoming more stressful and hours longer the responsibility of and the benefits of well balance staff, becomes more important. Whether that be access to advice, in house health and mental health care or just a recognition of the needs and pressures on employees in the 21st Century.

Thought Leadership

Utilising a Thought Leadership Stage, Workplace and Facilities Expo, will give showcase industry leaders addressing topics including:

  • The Advantages of Changing Corporate Culture
  • Valuing the Employee
  • What does well being look like and entail
  • Adapting the Working Environment to accommodate Modern Work Practices
  • Remote and Flexible Working – How do you monitor this – KPI’s
  • Smart & Sustainable Buildings
  • Wellness & Wellbeing
  • Creating Cross-Functional Groups to Deliver Change

FM Ireland

Workplace & Facilities Expo incorporates FM Ireland, which as well as delivering presentations linked to Thought Leadership, will have a number of practical theatres, and will look at issues including Facility Management, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Security, Energy Efficiency and Building and Property Management.

Workplace & Facilities Expo (inc FM Ireland) is the must-attend event of the year if you are involved/responsible for managing, maintaining and operating facilities in industries, such as; Government Organisations, Education, Hospitals and Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Manufacturing, etc…

Workplace & Facilities Expo is your opportunity to talk to real people about real products, problems and practices that can help you. It is your opportunity to source the products, services and suppliers that can assist you and your team to achieve their objectives.

Don’t miss out on attending the greatest single gathering of your colleagues and people from related disciplines. To register to attend the event, go to www.workplaceandfacilitiesexpo.com