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CWHT Health Screening in your Workplace

CWHT Health Screening

Construction Workers Health Trust (CWHT) has launched a new CWHT Health Screening initiative to encourage contractors in the industry to register directly with them for the purpose of providing all of their workers with a bi-annual health check in the workplace.

Ask any safety officer what they do in relation to health, and you’re immediately met with a thoughtful frown.

Most will agree that safety is straightforward enough, in so far as all the rules and regulations are there, and there’s no shortage of guidance and directives, but health is a different kettle of fish.


National Body Test

If you consider the health of your workers to be as important as their safety, and you should, then the key to monitoring their health is to provide them with a bi-annual health check. After all, you are required to monitor the health of your car with a bi-annual test. So, instead of the NCT, think of this as the NBT….the national body test.


CWHT Health Screening

Many contractors will be familiar with the CWHT health screening on larger building sites throughout the country, but you will also be aware that this only covers the workers actually engaged on those sites.


What about the rest of your workforce? What about those engaged on other sites or smaller jobs. And how about the office staff?

The problem is simply that the Health Trust is small and under-funded, and the industry is big. They have no choice but to focus on big, high-profile contracts, where large numbers of workers can be seen in one small place.


Now that may be about to change

CWHT has launched a new facility on their website www.cwht.ie whereby firms can register directly and pay the annual subscription for CWHT health screening without being members of the industry Pension scheme (CWPS). And the cost is a ridiculously low €75 per worker per year – yes per year.

Up to now the only way of providing on-site health screening for your workers was to pay the weekly subscription currently €1.50 per person per week, (deducted from the worker’s wages incidentally), through the industry pension scheme. This meant registering your workers firstly in the pension scheme itself and then opting to pay the Health Trust as an additional cost.

Log on to the CWHT website

Well, that’s all about to change. Now you can simply log on to the CWHT website, www.cwht.ie, click the Employer Registration tab and complete a simple registration form.

You don’t even have to supply worker’s names and details. All the CWHT requires is an estimate of the approximate number of people your firm employs and they will invoice you for the annual subscription based on that number.

You will then be entitled to contact their office to arrange health screening for your staff.

Simple & Cost Effective

Now before you ask the obvious question, here’s a quick example;

Acme Building Ltd registers 35 workers with CWHT.

They are invoiced for €2625. That’s 35 workers by €75, the annual charge.

Soon after, the safety officer arranges health screening at the company’s office, but only 31 workers take part. CWHT then adjusts the company’s invoice for the following year to 31 by €75. Simple!

During the screening, the attending nurse will gather worker’s specific details, name address contact number etc, and start a register for Acme Building Ltd.

All medicals are overseen by a qualified doctor and guaranteed confidential.

There is no better way to build Health into your Health & Safety program.


And it doesn’t end there

Once your firm is registered, you can arrange other medical tests if required. For example, older workers can benefit from tests such as PSA (prostate cancer) FOBT (bowel screen/colorectal cancer) full blood count and thyroid panel, and these can be organised in conjunction with the normal bi-annual health screen.

And remember, men don’t go to doctors. That’s a simple fact. The medical profession regularly highlights that male participation in preventative medicine is pitifully low, not just in Ireland but worldwide.

The secret to boosting Health Screening Participation

CWHT, on the other hand, can boast a participation rate of over 80%. What’s the secret? Provide the medical in the workplace, during normal working hours and keep it confidential. Simple as that!

You can contact the Construction Workers Health Trust at the number below or through their website, www.cwht.ie.

Construction Workers Health Trust

130/132 Francis Street, Dublin 8

Tel:       +353-1-7093070 

Fax:      +353-1-4544937

Email:   [email protected]

Wen: www.cwht.ie