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HSA targets 4,000 construction site investigations in 2017

construction site investigations
Construction site investigations

Minister for Employment and Small Business, Pat Breen TD and HSA CEO Martin O'Halloran

Health and Safety Authority “Programme of Work for 2017” launched

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) has published its ‘Programme of Work for 2017’ providing details of planned actions, priorities and inspection targets for the year. These include 4,000 Irish construction site investigations.

Reduction of workplace fatalities a priority

The reduction of workplace fatalities in all sectors remains a priority and the Authority will carry out a wide range of enforcement, prevention and support activity during 2017.

4,000 Construction Site Investigations planned

This year there are a total of 11,220 workplace inspections and investigations planned, of which 4,000 will be construction site inspections with a focus on preventing accidents involving self-employed workers and small sized contractors.

New & returning workers at risk

A key theme of the Authority’s safety and health programme will be new and returning workers. This group has been identified by an ESRI study as being four times more likely to experience a workplace injury than those with a tenure of over five years. During the course of inspections issues such as training, induction and supervision will be addressed.

More days lost through illness than injury

Statistics from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that work-related illness now represents more days lost across the whole economy than work-related injury. There will be an emphasis on work-related health activities including the promotion of Positive Mental Health and Reduction of Work-Related Stress. The Authority will also continue to contribute to the Government’s ‘Healthy Ireland’ initiative.

Self-employed at risk of serious & fatal injuries

Minister for Employment and Small Business, Pat Breen TD, whose brief includes workplace safety and health, welcomed the Authority’s approach:

“All workers have the right to have their safety, health and welfare protected while carrying out their duties. Thankfully we saw a reduction in fatal accidents last year, with 44 reported the second lowest number on record. Now it is important to build on any success achieved and focus on areas of concern, such as the continued high rate of injury on farms. I also find it alarming that so many serious and fatal injuries, regardless of sector, involve the self-employed. They along with new and returning workers are what I would call ‘vulnerable groups’ and there is a strong focus in the Authority’s work programme on those that are most at risk.”

Copies of the ‘HSA Programme of Work for 2017’ are available to download from www.hsa.ie