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Construction Safety Week 2017

Day One: 23rd October – Safety at Height

Some Highlights from Day One

Baz and Nancy Working at Height

Best Practice for Safety at Height

Since 2009, 30 number of people have lost their lives in the construction industry as a result of falls from height. In 2015 alone, Five people lost their lives in this manner.
In this industry, falls are the biggest reason for fatal and serious accidents, and therefore we should learn from this experience that any work at height needs careful management

Key Messages for Safety at Height

Before working at height, you must first assess the risks and follow these simple steps:

– Avoid work at height where it is reasonably practicable to do so

– Where work at height cannot be easily avoided, prevent falls using either an existing place of work that is already safe or the right type of equipment

– Minimise the distance and consequences of a fall, by using the right type of equipment where the risk cannot be eliminated

You should:

– Do as much work as possible from the ground

– Ensure workers can get safely to and from where they work at height

– Ensure equipment is suitable, stable and strong enough for the job, maintained and checked regularly

– Not overload or overreach when working at height

– Take precautions when working on or near fragile surfaces

– Provide protection from falling objects

– Consider emergency evacuation and rescue procedures

Useful Links for Safety at Height