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Construction Industry Outlook 2021

Industrial Relations – SEO Judgment Outcome Will Have Far-Reaching Implications For The Construction Sector

Sectoral Employment Order

Jean Winters, Director, Industrial Relations and Employment Services, CIF, writes about some of the key industrial relations and human resource management issues the CIF will be working to address in the year ahead.

Main Contracting/Civils – If Contractors Are To Invest, They Need A Line Of Sight And A Pipeline Of Work

Paul Sheridan

Paul Sheridan, Director, Main Contracting and Civil Engineering, CIF, writes that the right processes, systems, capabilities and resources must be in place to enable Government to maintain the continuity of work.

Housing/Planning – Covid-19 Is Adding Another Layer To Already Strained Resources

James Benson, Director, Development, Planning and Housing, CIF, writes that the country needs 36,000 homes each year for the next two decades to keep up with population growth, but current supply isn’t matching either the demand or realisable output.

Specialist Contracting – We Are Still At The Peak Of Demand, But It Feels Like We Have Lost A Year

Climate Action Plan

Sean Downey, Director, Specialist Contracting, CIF, writes that when it comes to the future needs of the construction sector, there is a relatively clear understanding of where the industry is going and what it is being asked to do to bring forward a National Centre of Excellence.

Corporate Affairs – We Need A More Efficient, Productive And Technologically Advanced Industry

As we move into 2021, Covid-19 will still be looming large. However, we have proven in 2020 that as an industry, we can work safely at near capacity following strict Covid-19 guidelines. EY is expecting outputs to be down 16% this year. In Q2, the estimate was by 35%, so the industry has pulled up its sleeves and gone at it. Housing completion figures are around 19,000 to 20,000, which is only 2,000 below what was forecast at the start of the year. I think we will continue to operate and work well as the pandemic continues into 2021.