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Health & Safety

CIF Construction Safety Week 2019

Construction Safety Week 2018

Many Roles – One Vision – Working Safely Together

The management and awareness of safety and health issues has progressed enormously in the construction sector in the past 18 years. (Read on)

10 Activities to organise during CIF Construction Safety Week

Ten suggested CIF Construction Safety Week on-site activities to organise  (Read on)


CWHT Health Screening

Stand Down for Safety

Construction workers kicked off Construction Safety Week 2017 with a nationwide #standdownforsafety (Read on)

Construction Safety Week Day 2

Three tips to follow when organising your Construction Safety Week Plan

Whatever activities are organised, it should have ‘buy-in’ at all levels in your organisation. Ideally, employees should be inspired and encouraged to work together in small teams before Construction Safety Week to come up with ideas and plan activities

  1. An important contributor to the success of any initiative is the inclusion of an innovative main event, which will spark thought, imagination and interest
  2. Register your company’s planned events in two minutes at cif.ie/safety-week
  3. If you are looking for inspiration, check out some ideas outlined at ‘10 Activities to organise during CIF Construction Safety Week 2018

For more details or to register your participation visit www. cif.ie/safety-week

Video Highlights from CIF Construction Safety Week 2017

Baz & Nancy’s Five Ways to Save Your Mammy On Site

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U8eJZthRSY[/embedyt]

Construction Health & Safety

Working with Electricity

Making Sure Electricity Is Not A Hazard On Construction Sites

Being ‘electricity safe’ is an essential element of any site safety plan. Arthur Byrne, Public Safety Manager for ESB Networks, outlines steps that should be taken to reduce the risks when working around or nearby electricity. (Read more)

Important ESB Networks Contact Numbers and Resources

Contact ESB Networks for records of the electricity networks on your site:

Phone: 1850 928 960 or dig@esb.ie

Safety Information – Phone: 1850 372757 or www.esbnetworks.ie/stayingsafe

ESB Emergency Number – Phone: 1850 372 999

Working with Water Services

‘Work Safe, Home Safe’ – Irish Water’s Safety Vision

Fergus Collins, Head of Capital Delivery, Irish Water, writes about principles behind the authority’s ‘Work Safe, Home Safe’ site safety programme. (Read more)

Working with Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) Dust

Eliminating Risks from Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust

BRIAN HOLMES, BAM Ireland, outlines how the company addressed the risks presented by respirable crystalline silica dust. (Read on)