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CIRI Demonstrates Huge Advances in Construction Standards in Recent Years

Aidan O'Connor

Aidan O’Connor has been appointed Chairperson of the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) Admissions and Registration Board, the official online register of competent builders, contractors, specialist subcontractors and tradespersons who undertake to carry out construction works.

A registered architect and elected Fellow of the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI), and former Principal Adviser in the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government,

Aidan O’Connor takes over as chairperson of the Admissions and Registration Board from former CIF president Hank Fogarty.

Hubert Fitzpatrick, Director, Housing, Planning & Development, CIF, welcomes Aidan O’Connor’s appointment at a critical time for CIRI.

“Aidan is hugely experienced and has a vast knowledge of building standards. CIRI is on the verge of moving from being a voluntary register to being a statutory register, and Aidan will be central in facilitating this transition.”

The new chairperson believes that CIRI is critical in demonstrating how construction standards have improved in the past few years, as well as showing young people that construction offers them a sustainable career with opportunities for advancement through ongoing learning and experience.

“I am delighted to take up this role and to get the opportunity to work with such a strong board and executive at this vital stage of the CIRI’s development and adoption by industry members.

“CIRI has been a very positive initiative for the construction sector, and the Government, in recognising the role CIRI is playing in improving standards, has committed to supporting its wider adoption throughout the industry.”

CIRI Members

In excess of 850 competent builders are now on the voluntary register. The register supports ‘competence’ within the industry and also requires registered members to comply with the CIRI Code of Ethics and demonstrate full compliance with the regulatory environment.

“CIRI has also brought about the introduction of structured learning under Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Registered companies can offer staff opportunities to learn on the job and develop their careers. This is not only raising standards within the industry but making it a more attractive and exciting proposition to young people looking for a sustainable career where they can develop new skills on an ongoing basis.”

Aidan O'Connor

CIRI Admissions and Registration Board: Standing, l to r: Michael McDonagh, Martin Vaughan, Brendan Duffy, Liam Egan, John O’Shaughnessy and Brian McKeon. Seated, l to r: Dr Ciara Ahern, Aidan O’Connor (Chairperson), and Kevin Sheridan.

CIRI Board 2019

The CIRI Admissions and Registration Board 2019 comprises Aidan O’Connor (Chairman); Dr Ciara Ahern, Education and Skills Department, TU Dublin; Liam Egan, Registered Architect, OPW; Paul Forde, Chartered Engineer, DBFL Consulting Engineers; Michael McDonagh, HSA; Kevin Sheridan, Chartered Surveyor; Martin Vaughan, Assistant Principal Officer, Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government; Nason Fallon, Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government; Brendan Duffy, PJ Duffy & Sons Ltd; Brian McKeon, MKN Property Group; and John O’Shaughnessy, Clancy Construction.