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CIF Southern Branch Part L Briefing

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CIF Southern Branch Breakfast Briefing on Part L of the Building Regulations

(First Published in CIF Construction Magazine (September 2016)

The CIF Southern Branch and Energy Cork this summer co-hosted a morning briefing entitled, Part L of the Building Regulations – Practical and Commercial Considerations.

The CIF Southern Branch event took place at the CIF Offices in Cork with over 40 people were in attendance.


The aim of Part L of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations is to limit the use of fossil fuel energy and related carbon dioxide emissions arising from the operation of buildings, while ensuring that occupants can achieve adequate levels of lighting and thermal comfort.

Buildings should be designed and constructed to achieve this aim as far as is practicable.

The presenters at the meeting were Michael O’Sullivan Greene – Director, O’Leary & O’Sullivan Developments Ltd. and Chairman of the IHBA Cork Branch and Willie Keane – Technical Advisor, Homebond who gave an in-depth, practical presentation on the application of Part L.

The Breakfast Briefing was Chaired by Conor O’Connell – Regional Director of CIF and Energy Cork Steering Group member.

The introduction of Part L of the Building Regulations occurred during the recent downturn in the House building industry and O’Leary & O’Sullivan Developments Ltd. are one of the few multi-unit residential Housebuilders that have several years’ experience complying with the new requirements.

As a result both Michael and Willie were able to give practical hands on examples of complying with Part L.


Examples included how to correctly insulate bay/projected windows and how to stop thermal bridging on door thresholds through the proper use of insulation.

Michael O’Sullivan Greene commented that one of the keys to complying with Part L is to continually train staff.

Staff need to be kept informed of changes to the Building Regulations and on new thermally efficient products entering the market and how they should be correctly used and fitted, was the message.


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