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CIF: Poor infrastructure will scupper job & housing plans

CIF Budget Submission Infrastructure
The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) has warned the Government that their housing measures and job creation plans will come to nothing unless they invest in infrastructure.

The CIF has met with Department of Finance and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform officials to outline their pre-budget proposals.  

CIF Director General Tom Parlon (pictured) says the CIF is predicting that the low level of infrastructural investment, across the country, will be the next crisis Ireland faces,”

The CIF is proposing that any housing policy, under consideration by Government, should coincide with increased expenditure in national infrastructural investment.

In its Pre-Budget Submission, the CIF has outlined a number of the key projects that could generate a more balanced economy and harness regional economic potential. It says infrastructural investment is used by all Governments in times of recovery to stimulate economy activity and generate employment; every €1billion invested in infrastructure generates 10,000 jobs.