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CIF Statement on Covid-19  Measures


The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) is collaborating with Government in leading the national response to Covid-19. The initial phase is containment with the objective being to minimise the spread of Covid-19. This is the critical stage for employers and employees. Decisive, proactive containment measures taken now can reduce negative impacts in the future.

Construction Professionals Skillnet Aims to Address Construction Skills Shortages

Construction Professionals Skillnet

L to r: Dave Flynn, Executive Director, Skillnet Ireland; Tom Parlon, Director General, CIF; Pat Lucey, President, CIF; and Liz Carroll, Network Manager, Construction Professionals Skillnet. Skillnet Ireland and the CIF have established a new Construction Professionals Skillnet to urgently address skills shortages in the construction industry. The CIF and Skillnet Ireland are delighted to […]

Civil Engineering in Ireland – A Challenging Environment

Civil Engineering Ireland

The civil engineering sector has long been a key indicator of the overall economic health of the country. Historically, it has been the first to feel the impact of any downturn as governments throttle back on spending in response to falling tax revenues and the private sector recalibrates its longer-term investment plans.

Construction Magazine CIF Top 50 Contractors 2019

CIF Top 50 Contractors 2019

Construction Magazine CIF Top Contractors 2019 Countdown https://youtu.be/FcGHfdA9e5oLaunch of Construction Magazine CIF Top 50 Contractors 2019https://youtu.be/CMcWQNlJYHI Learn More about the Construction Magazine CIF Top 50 Contractors 2019

CIRI Raising Construction Sector Standards

The Construction Industry Register Ireland ensures that there is a reputable industry that is subject to regular oversight and approval, which provides member clients with the assurance that they are contracting a committed construction professional. SEAN MURPHY reports. In 2014, the Construction Industry Register Ireland (CIRI) was introduced on a voluntary basis as an essential […]

Industry Warned of Long-Term Damage Caused By Exposure to Hazardous Substances on Construction Sites

The Construction Safety Week 2018 campaign will focus today on the health issues associated with working with hazardous substances. Working with Hazardous Substances Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF said, “Today’s focus on working with hazardous substances, is in line with our realisation that we need to be conscious of health as well as safety. […]