Builders Holidays 2018 Ireland

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Planning Ahead!

Here is the official Builders Holidays 2018 Ireland Listing. Annual holidays after 06 August are accurate but are subject to official confirmation in April.

Day                             Date                            Type

Monday                       01 January                   Public

Tuesday                       02 January                  Annual

Monday                       19 March                     Public

Friday                          30 March                     Annual

Monday                       02 April                       Public (Easter Monday)

Tuesday                       03 April                       Annual

Wednesday                  04 April                       Annual

Thursday                     05 April                       Annual

Friday                          06 April                       Annual

Monday                       07 May                        Public

Monday                       04 June                        Public

Monday                       23 July – 3 August      Annual

Monday                       06 August                   Public

Friday                          26 October                  Annual TBC

Monday                       29 October                  Public

Monday                       24 December               Annual

Tuesday                       25 December              Public

Wednesday                  26 December             Public

Thursday                     27 December               Annual

Friday                          28 December               Annual

Monday                       31 December               Annual