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Bosch issues recall notice for limited number of angle grinders

Bosch Power Tools have issued a product recall for a limited number of  their series GWS 20, GWS 22 and GWS 24 angle grinders. The relevant models were produced from June 2016 through to August 2016.  The model GWS 24-230 JVX Professional with brake is from the production period February 2016 to October 2016.

Bosch state that in the course of their ongoing quality controls they have determined that, due to a faulty component, the cutting or grinding disc together with the fastening fixture (spindle) could become detached during operation on a limited number of  series GWS 20, GWS 22 and GWS 24 angle grinders.

On the tool’s original packaging:


Part Number


Manufacturing year/month (see packaging label explanation below

GWS 20





06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)

06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)

07-11.2016 (607,608,609,610,611)

GWS 22




06, 07, 08.2016   (606,607,608)

07-11. 2016 (607,608,609,610,611)



The first digit of the number outlined in red indicates the production year, the next two digits indicate the production month.  A product with the numerical sequence 510 was therefore manufactured in October 2015 (“5” for the year 2015 and “10” for the month October). Accordingly, the number outlined in this case indicates the manufacturing month June 2016 (“6” for the year 2016 and “06” for the month June).

On the type plate (found on the tool):
ModelProduct NumberSerial Number
GWS 20-230 H3601H50102 / 3601H50L01 / 3601H50L03 / 3601H50L62 / 3601H50L72 / 3601H50L73606… - 608...
GWS 22 - 180 H3601H81102 / 3601H81L02 / 3601H81L62 / 3601H81L72606… - 608...
GWS 22 - 230 H3601H82103 / 3601H82L03 / 3601H82L63 / 3601H82L73606… - 608...


Advice from Bosch Power Tools on what to do

You can check online whether their angle grinder is affected on the website. If so, you are asked to call Bosch Power Tools as soon as possible on their customer service number 01-4666700.


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