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Applications up for construction courses

Construction Courses & Education
CAO applications for construction courses increased in this year’s Leaving Certificate.

(First Published in CIF Construction Magazine (September 2016)

Architecture and engineering courses saw an increase in interest by students of 13%, and other construction related courses saw an increase of approximately 8% this year.

Tom Parlon, Director General of the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) notes: “The Irish economy depends on the construction sector to build the homes, offices spaces, and infrastructure required by businesses across the country.

“Any sign of demand for more construction work can be directly correlated to an increase of general economic activity.

Engaging Construction Courses

“We are engaging with Solas and the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to ensure there is a regular stream of skilled people to maintain the infrastructure, housing, commercial and FDI building that will sustain economic growth and shape Ireland over the next decade.

“Students are acutely aware of this fact, and are keen to be in a position where they can gain meaningful, stable employment once they leave 3rd level education.

“A graduate civil engineer in Ireland can expect a salary of around €28,000. This will rise to up to €50,000 with six to nine years’ experience.

“A junior quantity surveyor is looking at a salary in the region of €35,000 and that will rise to €50,000 with 10 years’ experience.

“A student graduating from a construction course has a lot to look forward to upon finishing 3rd level and we want to ensure that they have a choice to remain in Ireland or experience a work stint abroad.

“Construction work is a passport to a great career.  At the moment, Irish construction companies are building specialist buildings, infrastructure and homes here and across the globe.

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