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Advanced Business Manager Construction Software Review

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Seamus Corcoran is a Management Accountant and owner of Accountable Metrics. He specialises in consultancy to the Construction and, Engineering sectors. www.accountablemetrics.ie

An Independent Review of Advanced Business Manager (ABS)

What is your background?

I work with companies wanting to improve their business processes. A critical element is ensuring that monthly management accounts are available to both the management team and business owners. I have significant experience in the Construction, Engineering, Facilities Management, Engineering Services and Software sectors.

What accounting packages are you familiar with?

I am familiar with a broad range of accounting packages including; Advanced Business Manager construction software, SAP Business One, Sage, Pegasus Opera, Sun Microsystems, Xero, Tas Books and many bespoke systems.

What impact will Advanced Business Manager Construction Software have on construction businesses?

The main challenge is the ability to monitor both up to date costs incurred and committed costs across all construction projects that are running concurrently. Some of the smaller companies could have 10 to 20 projects on the go at once, while others could have in excess of 100, perhaps both big and small. Contracts managers and company directors need to be able to establish that projects are being delivered in accordance with budgets and that the overall project profitability remains on target. Since many construction projects span more than one financial year, it is essential that any system is able to manage this seamlessly and that reports can be run for the whole project or the current financial year only.

What impact will Advanced Business Manager Construction Software have on a contracts manager?

It is critical that contracts managers have access to their numbers on a weekly basis.

With Advanced Business Manager Construction Software a weekly report can be automatically sent to the Contracts Manager, detailing the progress on the job by cost centre. It immediately highlights any cost overruns and corrective measures can be taken.

Likewise, it can issue a sub-contractors report detailing what the original contract value was, the amount claimed to date and the percentage claimed.

If companies are unable to see their numbers clearly where does that leave them?

It is absolute madness for business owners and managers alike, to expect to be able to run their business efficiently and profitably without having information to monitor performance every month. Advanced Business Manager Construction Software provides this complete solution.

As a specialist focused on showing companies how to produce up to date management information promptly, I have seen many companies over the years suffer and fail due to the lack of key financial information.

Why choose Software Support Systems to supply and support Advanced Business Manager Construction Software?

Software Support Systems provide the best product and service all at the best value. Their support and back-up is excellent. The product is constantly evolving and developing. I’ve worked very closely with Declan and Ronnie over the past 16 years. They are highly commercial focused individuals. They only provide what you need, rather than what they have to sell.

The best recommendation is that most of their clients are with them for over a decade, even two in some cases. I have no hesitation in recommending Software Support Systems to any prospective customers.