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Sanity Hand Sanitisers and Face Shields – Made in Ireland

Sanity Hand Sanitisers and Face Shields – Made in Ireland

Sanity was founded by a group of medical device professionals to provide effective protective products against Covid-19. The team was contacted by the HSE when stocks of hand sanitisers and face shields were running low.

With over 35 years’ professional experience formulating biocides and protective products, the team created the Sanity brand originally to meet the needs of the health sector; now the products have been made available for everyone’s protection.

What is great about the Sanity Hand Sanitiser?

Sanity Hand Sanitisers are made with five-essential ingredients, which include 70% plant-based alcohol to protect and naturally derived glycerine to moisturise without sticky residue. Sanity Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs in 20 seconds and helps prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria.

Available in 500ml or convenient to carry packets of 75ml bottles, competitively priced Sanity Hand Sanitisers can be purchased in small or large quantities with bulk buy discounts.

What is great about the Sanity Protective Face Shield?

Face shields are now an essential piece of protective equipment for the construction trade. Sanity Protective Face Shields are disposable face shields that provide a barrier preventing droplets from passing through the shielded area and eliminating unintentional contact with your face.

Sanity Protective Face Shields have a unique two-piece ergonomic design. They have a flat, clear anti-fog face and the complete shield is lightweight yet strong, and, so, comfortable to wear all day long.

About Sanity Team

Known for its relentless passion for developing solutions, the Sanity team is developing practical and effective solutions to address the construction and other industries’ health and safety requirements in a way that simplifies everyday work life.

Proudly made and assembled in Ireland, Sanity products come in many variations and prices. Visit www.sanitycares.com or email [email protected] for more information