New campaign launched to help construction unemployed

A new campaign aimed at helping unemployed construction workers regain employment in the sector has been jointly launched by the Department of Social Protection and the CIF.
The campaign aims to raise awareness throughout the construction industry about the many Department of Social Protection services being provided to businesses to support their employment needs, and to connect them with the many talented and experienced workers who are currently seeking employment.
Writing exclusively in this issue of Construction An Tanaiste and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton, says the new measures “seeks to ensure that as many newly created jobs as possible go to people on the Live Register”.
Former construction workers continue to make up the largest segment of unemployed people in Ireland.  At present there are over 80,000 jobseekers whose last occupation is recorded as being in a construction or related occupation on the Live Register.
The campaign will see extensive information about the employment services provided by the Department communicated to construction companies and contractors throughout Ireland.
The aim is to ensure employers throughout the construction industry are aware of the many programmes available to assist them when hiring new employees.  These include:

  • JobsPlus
  • Jobs Ireland Recruitment Service
  • Job Bridge
  • EmployAbility Service

All of the services provided are available at no cost to employers.
CIF Director General Tom Parlon outlined the CIF’s involvement in the campaign.  “Unfortunately there continues to be far too many former construction workers on the Live Register,” he said.
“Some of these people have been out of work for several years, given the severe difficulties the industry went through.  Now that our sector is starting to recover, we want to help do something about this problem and to help some of these people secure jobs.
“The CIF is delighted to be working with the Department of Social Protection to help highlight the many different services and schemes that are available to construction businesses who wish to hire from the ranks of the unemployed. The CIF has a strong reach throughout the industry and we will be making that available to help generate greater awareness of the services provided by the Department.”
The campaign will see materials provided by the Department of Social Protection on their many employment supports communicated by the CIF through briefings, mailings, leaflets, videos, blogs, social media, a dedicated section being established on the CIF website and other channels.
Quick facts:
Under the JobsPlus scheme, the Department pays:

  • €7,500 over two years to the employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for between 12 and 24 months. This equates to approximately €312 a month.
  • €10,000 over two years to the employer for each person recruited who has been unemployed for more than 24 months. This equates to approximately €416 a month.

This article first appeared in the March/April issue of Construction magazine


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